Texas Religious Discrimination Laws

Religious discrimination can manifest itself in several different ways and can be present in more than one type of setting. When it comes to religious freedom, there are federal laws in place to protect those who face religious discrimination. Texas also has religious discrimination laws. Most of these laws will not be enforced unless someone makes a formal complaint.

A Review of the law

Religion & the Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act prohibits any kind of discrimination that pertains to housing of any kind. This can come in the form of a tenant being denied housing due to their religious beliefs. Regardless of how the discrimination manifests, it most likely is not legal according to the statutes in this Act.

Federal Discrimination Laws

A common way in which people are religiously discriminated against in the area of education is when children are not being permitted to wear religious garments at their public schools. This is a clear violation of federal religious discrimination laws in which charges can be filed against a school.

Workplace Discrimination

One of the most common areas where religious discrimination is seen is in the workplace. Legally, a company cannot fire, refrain from hiring, or prevent from promoting any employee due to their religious beliefs. Additionally, an employer cannot prohibit an employee from wearing required religious attire.

Getting Relief From Religious Discrimination

When it comes to religious discrimination in Texas, you should contact an attorney and have them review your claim. An expert El Paso federal crimes lawyer can provide you with assistance specific to your discrimination case and know the best course of action you should take.